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Webmasters review for 1&1

Value for Money

Usually known for being a domain and hosting provider, 1&1 has ventured into the website building space by providing their own version. With an entry price of just £0.99, it’s pretty cheap. However this is for month 1 of your subscription - the following month the price will jump up to £9.99 per month. This rule also applies to the other premium options - ranging from £19.99 to £24.99 with a billing cycle every 4 weeks. The price is pretty reasonable among the other brands, but our caution would be that 1&1 specialises in domains and hosting therefore sometimes other services are not as good due to the fact they are not solely dedicated to that area. Other brands will naturally have a better service all effort is focused on refining that service and the features offered.

Editor & Templates

The guys at 1&1 have done a great job with the editor - considering they are predominantly a domains/hosting company. They have taken a simple approach, the editing options are located down the right hand taskbar for easy accessibility while designing. They make good use of drag and drop functionality, which is nice and intuitive - however they don’t allow complete freedom about where elements/modules can be placed unlike other website builder brands. This maybe a plus for someone who has limited or no design experience as it helps to keep things in a more presentable/professional layout.

There is a nice selection of different templates with various design sets. They are broken down into a library of themed templates used for various purposes - e.g. hotels, healthcare, cafes etc. Overall a good selection - different designs for different needs.

Additional Features

1&1 offer a good selection of additional features including the ecommerce tools, social media integration and host of various different web apps in the ‘1&1 Web Apps’ section. The simple fact is that your site will be hosted reliably and the domain service received will be great. Many of the other features are pretty standard across the other web builder brands.

Guides and Customer Service

The video tutorials 1&1 offer are very informative and provide great advice/tips. The ‘Getting Started’ video provides a good overview of the editor and the features you have access to. The overall level of support is great, phone support is 1&1’s strong point with fast responding support reps that have an enthusiastic approach to offering help and advice. The email support is good but could be improved if the response content was enhanced - it just seemed a little robotic! But overall great level of support.


As I previously mentioned, 1&1 are predominantly a domains/hosting company and usually the website building services are not as good as the competitors who are specifically focused on just being a website builder platform. But 1&1 however have made a pretty good job of creating a simple and intuitive platform that users can build an impressive website within. Overall I think it is fairly good builder for someone looking to get started on the web with a personal website or an ecommerce site.

1&1 is ranked #6 on the top 10 list

Key Features

Free Trial - Yes (Billing info required)

Templates - 100+

Mobile - Yes

Main Features

Fully Customizable Templates

Template Filter

eCommerce Tools & Templates

Shopping Cart

Free Domain

Over 500MB Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Knowledge Base

Email Support

Ticket Support

Support Forum


Free Photos

Gallery Tools



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