Making Your Web Hosting Choice Easy


Choosing the Right Web Builder

Across the web, there are thousands of web builders you can sign up for, and from the outside it seems they all do the same thing! It is important before you dive into your pockets to make sure you are certain that you are choosing the right one.

The first thing you want to look for in web building software is flexibility and simplicity; “How can I make my website look professional and function like a professional website without experience of making websites and web scripting?” is the question you need the answer to. There will be different web builders with all have their pros and cons – here’s what you should look for.

Top of the list is domain names. Do you get to choose your own? The domain name is the address you enter into the search bar to get to your website. It is so much better to have your own domain name included in the price of using the web builder.

Web builders all revolve around templates of different shapes, sizes, capabilities and layouts – some of which can be very unique! Do not choose a web builder that does not show examples of templates in a portfolio style, that’s taking a shot in the dark. For those web builders that do have a portfolio on their site, it is essential that you properly look through these and try to visualize your website on one of these templates.

It is also important to look for what type of widgets can be added to your websites. Widgets will allow the website to become a lot more professional and familiar, which in turn will allow for greater ease of use. For example, some websites may have a sharing widget, so users can share their website to friends and family through social networking. Another popular widget is the PayPal widget which allows users to purchase products from the website securely and efficiently.

It is also worth looking to see if there is a limit to how many pages you can have on each website. A limit on pages is a restriction on how creative you can be. You could be thinking to yourself “If I only need a few pages then it’s not a problem”, which is true, although this could prevent future expansion.

Similarly, some services only allow one website per subscription which could mean future website projects are put on hold. It is worth for the sake of freedom and for future projects to have as little restrictions to your creativity as possible. For those who are into building websites as a hobby, having to pay for an additional subscription every time they want to build another website will surely not be worth the hassle, when you could get as many as you want somewhere else.

Finally, one thing to look for with any online service is the after sales support. This could come in a variety of ways such as a 24/7 help desk, forums, live chat options etc. You never know when you might need it, so support is important!

To wrap things up, when looking to use a web builder, it is important to find the one that will allow you to create the website you want simply, with a good amount of features thrown in. If you can leave your options open for future projects, then that’s a bonus!

Disclosure: is an independently owned and operated professional web hosting review website. As part of our commitment to full disclosure to our site visitors we are stating that we may receive compensation from the companies whose products/services we review. This does not cloud our judgment as we aim to be unbiased, honest and fair. Our reviews are completely independent and our number one goal is to make your web hosting choice easy!.

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