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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

An Insight into What Looks for in the Web Hosting Companies that We Review.

Here at, it is our primary goal to help each and every online user in the process of comparing the services offered by different web hosting companies. These days, there are practically hundreds of companies which provide web hosting services - ranging from shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting to reseller web hosting. So how can a homeowner or a business owner who is trying to start a website be able to come up with an informed decision as to which web hosting company it is that he or she should go with? This is where the online reviews that we offer come in.

Basically, what does is rate the services of web hosting companies depending on certain categories which make a difference with the quality of web hosting service offered by a particular provider. has a 10-point editorial guideline that we follow. Here, we will objectively decide whether a web hosting provider meets the requirements that we have set based on the individual aspects of the services that they offer.

To have a deeper understanding of the way that we rank the performance of the web hosting providers on the Internet today, here is a list of the 10-point editorial guideline that we use.


Phone, Live Chat Support & Physical Address of Office Location

The first thing that we do to determine whether a web hosting company is legitimate or not is to check if they published their telephone number and the physical address of their office on their website. It would also help if they offer live chat support. This way, customers can rest assured that the web hosting company that they will be dealing with is legitimate - and that they can gain access to the support departments immediately if there are problems with the service.


Price Value

Here at, we believe that customers need to get their money's worth when taking advantage of the web hosting packages offered by a web hosting provider. As such, we determine how the monthly fee of one web hosting company measures up against what is being offered by the competition which has similar web hosting features. Comparing the rates offered by several companies is a good way to make sure that consumers are getting the best value for their money from the web hosting packages that they will purchase.



Measuring the reliability of a web hosting company is quite an easy task. All that a customer needs to do is check on the type and quality of data center which is being utilized by the hosting company. Other factors include the uptime guarantee, the backup system that they have and the hardware and software components that they use in their data center. In addition, we make sure that the company employs tight security measures to ensure the physical safety and optimal functionality of the servers stored in their data center.


Features Comparison

As a consumer, if you want to get the best value for your money, you need to make a comparison of the features list offered by several web hosting providers. Let's say that you require features to make your e-commerce site run smoothly. Which hosting company offers the features that you need? What are the additional items included with the web hosting package that they offer? How does the features set list offered by one host compare with other hosting companies? This is an example of the items that we tick off our checklist when rating the services offered by web hosting companies in terms of the features included in the packages that they offer to customers.


Control Panel

Basically, a website administrator will be spending a lot of time tinkering with the control panel. When reviewing web hosting providers, we make sure that the control panel that they have is easy to use. In today's web hosting industry, one of the most popular control panels is the cPanel which is extremely reliable, flexible and easy to use. If a web hosting company does not offer the cPanel control panel, we recommend that customers 'test drive' the control panel that they have first so that they can be sure that there won't be any problems encountered while using it.


Ease of Use

Another factor that customers need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider is whether the site itself is easy to use or not. Some of the questions that we ask include: How did we feel while navigating through the site? Did the web hosting company ensure that we will not have any problems signing up for the service? Since the web hosting company will serve as host to other websites, they should make sure that their very own site is easy to use and navigate through.


Customer Service

The quality of customer service offered by a web hosting company is one of the most crucial factors that we consider when creating reviews. We see to it that the website has a comprehensive Knowledge Base, Help Center, or FAQ's (Frequently Answered Questions) section so that customers can gain instant access to the answers to any basic question that they may have. We also make sure that the web hosting company has all avenues of communication open so that customers will find it easy to get in touch with them - whether via telephone, e-mail and live chat support.


Technical Support

If there is one aspect of the web hosting service that we consider as a major issue, that is none other than technical support. What we do is search for customer feedback about a web hosting company's response time when solving a problem - and we also test it ourselves. In addition, we also determine a company's problem resolution rate, the effectiveness of the solutions to the technical problems being presented to them by customers, and we make sure that their Technical Support Team will be able to deal with customers in a friendly yet professional manner.


Monitoring Hosting Uptime

Yet another factor that we to consider when reviewing web hosting companies is whether they monitor the hosting uptime or not. It is definitely a plus point if they will also monitor and provide information about the customer's uptime history. This way, customers can rest assured that they know exactly what is happening to their website by the minute - a feature which is especially helpful if they are running a sales-oriented website.


Consumer Reviews

Finally, we make sure that the web hosting company received good and positive reviews from their existing and past customers. There is no better way to measure the reliability of a web hosting company than by checking on their reputation as far as actual customers are concerned. Naturally, the more positive reviews a web hosting company gets, the better the quality of their services are. By checking on customer reviews, we can rest assured that the web hosting company that we are making a review of will provide the same satisfactory experience given to all of their other customers.

Disclosure: is an independently owned and operated professional web hosting review website. As part of our commitment to full disclosure to our site visitors we are stating that we may receive compensation from the companies whose products/services we review. This does not cloud our judgment as we aim to be unbiased, honest and fair. Our reviews are completely independent and our number one goal is to make your web hosting choice easy!.

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