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Webmasters review for InMotion Hosting


The length of experience that a company has in web hosting is one of the best ways to measure its reliability. The longer that they have been in the business and the more customers they have, the better the quality of service usually is. Does the same thing apply to InMotion Hosting? Read on to find out a bit about its background as a company, its reliability, the price of the web hosting packages that they offer, the quality of customer support they provide, the usability of the control panel and the overall verdict for their web hosting service.

It was in 1996 that some of the oldest web hosting providers started out in the business. Five years later was when InMotion Hosting was founded. Their data center is situated in Los Angeles, California. Aside from an office in the West Coast, they have another office in East Coast at Virginia Beach.

Since its inception, InMotion Hosting has slowly but surely built a solid customer base and they are now serving thousands of customers. Winning several awards and getting rave reviews from technical websites, the employee-owned and operated company is one of the most successful in the industry. One of the things which make them stand out as a company is the fact their hiring process goes in such a way that they only accept those with four years of experience in working for a web hosting company, and their senior staff members have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the field.


A typical way to measure the reliability of a web hosting company is to check on their uptime guarantee. InMotion Hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee which means that the site will hardly be down unless there are serious server issues. Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art data center of InMotion Hosting is located in Los Angeles, California. The hosting network is based on fast, reliable Linux and Unix operating systems.

The way that InMotion Hosting provides web hosting services is by always looking for new software, hardware and the latest that technology has to offer so that their existing tools and hosting equipment can be complemented.

Not only that, but they also take into consideration the suggestions of customer on how their services can be improved from a technical standpoint. Over the years, they have taken up these suggestions and incorporated the improvements with their existing system which has greatly improved. For power backup, Dell PowerEdge servers are used which has diesel-generators to ensure that the equipment will still work despite possible power interruptions.

Price Value

There are several packages offered by InMotion Hosting that customers can take advantage of. Whether you are looking forward to establishing a blog, building a personal website or creating a business website, you can take your pick from one of the many packages that In Motion Hosting offers. This includes: Cheap personal hosting, Dedicated servers hosting, VPS hosting.

They even offer web design and other related services, which just goes to show how well-rounded they are as a company. InMotion Hosting currently offers three value plans for anyone who wants to take advantage of their basic web hosting services: Starter, Basic and Max. The disk space and other specifications of these web hosting packages vary, so you can choose one that best suits your web hosting needs and budget. These feature-rich websites have additional domain support, full e-mail support and 24/7 technical support.

Control Panel

When it comes to the control panel that a web hosting company is supposed to be using, your best bet is to always go with something that’s user-friendly. That is exactly what the cPanel control panel is. This has a usable interface which makes it suitable for use even by beginners who have no previous experience with website administration.

Through it, you can manage your e-mail accounts, monitor website statistics, back up data, review error logs and perform other basic and advanced site management functionalities. Unlike other web-based or system-installed control panels, the cPanel control panel is so user-friendly that it has become almost an industry-standardized tool.

Your goal as a website administrator or website owner is to always make sure that the site serves its purpose, whether you own a simple blog, a personal site or a business website. Fortunately, with the web hosting packages offered by InMotion Hosting and the easy-to-use control panel that they have, you can optimize the growth potential of your site.

Customer Support

“We were impressed with your support” is just one excerpt of the great customer feedback that In Motion Hosting has gotten over the years. They even reaped awards about the quality of customer service that they have, which showcases just how reliable In Motion Hosting when it comes to the quality of support that they offer for clients.

When you visit the site, you will see all the contact information for their sales, accounting, billing, business development and even customer resolution departments. In the same vein, their main support center can be contacted via e-mail and phone support which is available 24/7. Live chat is another support feature incorporated in their website.

If you simply want to get information about a basic inquiry that they have, you can search through the new Online Support Forum or log-in to the knowledge base section on the site. It’s where you can find flash tutorials, the Help Desk and all the basic data needed for you to setup the service.


The highlight of the services offered by InMotion Hosting is that they do offer a variety of web hosting packages to suit the needs of individual customers. Whether you’re looking for cheap personal web hosting, a more complex dedicated server or VPS hosting – they do have a web hosting package that is perfect for you. The quality of services that they have is 100% guaranteed, they have a state-of-the-art data center, a reliable back-up system and excellent customer support. True enough, there’s really nothing much to ask for when it comes to web hosting services. With InMotion Hosting, you will find everything you need from a web hosting package so that you can maximize the growth potential of your website, no matter what its nature is.

InMotion Hosting is ranked # 6 on the top 10 list

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2 add-on Domains

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