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Useful top 10 web hosting comparison chart

Submitted by Lorie G, December 24, 2014

Best top 10 web hosting list that helped us choose the perfect web hosting for our e-commerce business. many thanks...

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Most Informative Wedsite

Submitted by JJ Louise, January 07, 2015

Thank you so much for doing the best research for us on providing all the useful info on the best web hosting site. You deserve a complimentary for well done on your effort, time a...

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Big Help

Submitted by Stephanie Prosha, February 23, 2011

Thanks for all your insight on finding the best web host. I am starting up a new web business, and I have been in desperate need of an inexpensive web host t...

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Teachable Moment

Submitted by Oliver Kenyi, October 29, 2009

Thanks for your services. I was close to making a stupid deal. Only after reading the information provided here, I realized that it is always important to double check ones knowl...

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You saved me!

Submitted by Tanya Bruchako, September 14, 2009

Dear editor/webmaster, i would like to thank you for providing me such helpful information. I signed up with an hosting provider about 5 months ago and in th...

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Submitted by Mahesh Chaudhari, September 01 2009

Hi All, I am an MCA student and I really learned a lot from You have done a great job and it needs to be appreciated. Thanks...

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Switched and happy

Submitted by Wong Quan, March 29, 2009

Dear editors at, I was browsing through the web and came upon your web hosting site. I was not happy with my current web hosting company and decided to explo...

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Great web hosting guide for my family website

Submitted by Rita Goldfarb, February 21, 2009

Hi, I'm Rita and I'm a housewife in the Midwest. As i was spring cleaning i came across your web hosting site. I took the time to check it out. It was informative and clear i found...

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Switched and happy

Submitted by Sara Sampson, March 22, 2009

Hi, my name is Sara and I run a party products company. I was previously with another web hosting company which did not work out for me. I was not sure what to do next when I came...

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Savin me money

Submitted by David Dudak, Jamuary 27, 2009

yo dudes, I'm just a regular college kid tryin to make my way through. I didn't know there were so many web hosting companies and that i can compare and save money. Your web hostin...

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Web hosting consumer review helpfullness

Submitted by Molly Jensener, May 19, 2007

Hey editors, I'm jolly molly and i wanted to let u know about my experience at your hosting comparison site. I looked around and wanted to compare different web hosting companie...

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Great hosting information

Submitted by Sam H. Nadero, December 21, 2004

Hello, my name is Sam and i am a professor at a respected university in the Midwest. I wanted to let you know that the information you provide in your web hosting articles were rea...

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