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Why Linux Hosting is a Better Choice over Windows Hosting?

If you are on the lookout for web hosting packages, you will usually refer to a top 10 web hosting list online. Doing so would give you an idea about how you can compare the top 10 web hosting packages for the particular type of service that you need. These web hosting reviews and rankings would also indicate a list of the features included in each web hosting package.

How much bandwidth and disk space is included in the web hosting package? Does the web hosting company have a Windows-based or Linux-based platform? Which e-commerce features are included? When it comes to customer support, which one is considered as the best web hosting company? As you sift through the top 10 web hosting reviews, you will get answers to these questions and easily decide which the best web hosting provider is based on your site maintenance needs.

How does Linux Web Hosting Work?

Now, when it comes to the platform that web hosting providers use, you can take your pick from either Windows-based or Linux-based systems. Windows-based platforms are probably the most commonly used by many websites today. However, just because Windows is a more popularly known platform since it is used in the operating systems of home computers, it does not mean that Linux is inferior in terms of quality. There is absolutely no reason why you should not go for Windows-based systems if that is what you prefer, but you would not have problems using Linux-based systems, either.

The way that Linux-based web server systems work is by utilizing the free and open source software of Linux which is similar to Unix. Being open source means that the code of the operating system is open for programmers and developers to study and improve. Unlike using Windows which is a pretty much fixed system developed by the engineers from Microsoft, programmers from all over the world continue improving Linux. Their goal is to make the operating system faster, bug-free, simpler and more efficient.

Linux versus Windows Web Hosting

Now, if you are trying to compare the top 10 web hosting providers but you do not know which one to go for because you're confused about which operating system to choose, here's a quick comparison of Windows and Linux:

• Cost
Installing Windows on web servers will cost you quite a lot but if you are taking advantage of shared web hosting packages, the expense will actually be handled by your web hosting provider. Meanwhile, Linux is open source so it is free to download. You also do not have to worry about any licensing fees.

• Features
When it comes to features, it's pretty much a toss-up between Linux and Windows. Both operating systems will allow you to run scripts, blogs, create web pages, online forums and utilize e-commerce features if you have an online store.

• Reliability
For websites which are running MySQL, Perl or PHP scripting languages, most techies agree that Linux offers better reliability.

• Security
A lot of people have the misconception that open source systems like Linux are more vulnerable to security threats. However, as long as you have a reliable website administrator who runs a robust software to monitor possible hacks, bugs and viruses, your system should be secure enough be it Windows or Linux-based.

• Website Conversion
If you decide to convert from Linux to Windows, you can do it with very little effort. The same thing holds true with converting Windows to Linux. Just make sure that your web hosting provider supports both platforms.

More Benefits from Linux Web Hosting

At the end of the day, choosing between Windows and Linux is a matter of which one works best for your site maintenance needs. But from an overall perspective, Linux has the edge in terms of cost because it is a free, open-source operating system. Once installed, Linux is very stable and secure. It is also constantly being improved by open-source programmers, so the system is growing along with your website.

No matter which of these two operating systems you end up choosing, what's important is to still get the best web hosting package from a reliable provider. Check out the web hosting reviews and rankings online so that you can compare the top 10 web hosting packages. Depending on your site maintenance needs and whether you'd like to use Windows or Linux, you can choose one that's most appropriate for you.

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